I would like to be your friend Ivette in reality not only in tumblr. You're so similar to me. Visit Europe and find me please =) kissess

Really!?!? ohhh thank u very much! I’d love to visit Europe! i hope to travel by the end of this year…^.^

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...Otherwise it's like spending your life with a stranger and that won't help get rid of it at all. Casual company is very different to meaningful company and you need to find and commit to the right kind, at the right time. Never let time and fear get the best of you.

bravo! that’s correct! 👏 thank u anon!!

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I considered that option too (not marrying for love but to get rid of loneliness) but then I reached this conclusion: Marrying someone you don't love just because you think it'll eradicate the loneliness won't solve anything. To get rid of that feeling you need to have someone you love and care about and someone who will love and care about you by your side. It's that bond between two people that gets rid of loneliness...(Continued)
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Sending my love to you,On the day I'm very thought of you.

i supposed this msg goes to Hamdan lol

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STOP searching love. Love will find YOU

We hope so! 💙💙 ^.^ thanks anon

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Don't you think that Hamdan looks like his grand father, Khalifa bin Saeed bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, when he was young?

you think so? maybe :)

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Are here some boys among anons? or you write only with girls? just curios...

ohh i don’t know anon…i have the feeling that most of anons are girls…but, who knows exactly? 😮

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hahhhhaaaaaaaa this dude next to hamdan... his hair :D

hahahaha i thought he was from Brazil ._.

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