You have to make a connection with somebody so they can understand telepathically.Otherwise there would be a lot of murderers and rapists roaming the streets pleading not guilty because,'someone told them to do it!' If not, they should be in a white coat and monitored as could be dangerous :S

Ahmm, well..yeah…you may be right.

28 July 1 Anonymous Permalink
The answer to the person who wrote that our sheikh Faz3 is selfish and too much time is spent on skydiving and other extreme sports. People come on! He is young, and let him enjoy life as long as his father is in power. By the way. If what he does in his spare time would be forbidden his father would not allow him to do so. Chill out people and have a drink of milk :D
28 July 1 Anonymous Permalink
Yep I'm sending one now,did you get it? Try again, did you get it this time?Oh

O.o what are u talking about anon??

28 July 1 Anonymous Permalink
Who have any experience/story with telepathy?! Can anyone of you send or receive ideas from others? I ask all anons, can you tell us about your story?

Ahmm… I haven’t had any experience i guess :/

27 July 1 Anonymous Permalink
I've been coming here for a while and Prince Hamdan is very good-looking but seems to be disconnected from reality. He spends all his time taking selfies, posing for pics with children, skydiving and traveling. It shows that he's self-absorbed, seeking escape from loneliness, or creating an image. Either way I think he is creating the wrong image. We live in a time where the leaders need to be engaged with reality not be distant from it. I have yet to see him do one selfless thing.


27 July 2 Anonymous Permalink
ivetteeeeeeeeeeee are you sure Hamdan is not gay?

-.- really anon??? 😑😤

27 July Anonymous Permalink
عيدكم مبارك. Eid mubarak

Eid mubarak anon! :)

27 July 1 Anonymous Permalink
Eid Mubarak to all muslims! :)

Eid Mubarak to all muslims! :)

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